Drip rails and roof water damage is a common problem for campers, especially along the coast. At Epoch we stop the problem before it gets worse by addressing the rust/bubbling head on. The process involves sanding down to clean metal, applying fiber glass if necessary, and filling the damaged area until it has a smooth, clean finish.



RV or Camper Water Damage and Roof Leak Repairs

Epoch Restorations and Adventures RV Rep
Epoch Restorations and Adventures RV Rep
Epoch Restorations and Adventures RV Rep

Vent, fan and roof leaks can be tricky to track down, and can wreak havoc on headliners and electrical systems in RVs, Campers, Vans or Trailers. Over time seals and rubber can crack and screws slowly back out, leaving room for water to work inside the cabin, bathroom, etc. Using the proper sealants and hardware, we can get your trailer ready for all of the elements wherever your camping desires take you.

Riveting and Compound Bends with Aluminum and Steel

At Epoch Restorations and Adventures, our services include Vintage Camper Van Rentals, Camper Van and Trailer restorations and repairs, film and production props and rentals, as well as unique photobooth rentals! We are proud to serve Ventura, Ojai, Santa Barbara, Malibu, the greater Los Angeles area and beyond!